Jingle All The Bay

The evenings festivities feature a range of markets and food stalls, cafes and lively bars lining the street. Various stages will host entertaining performances with live music, dancers and local groups, ensuring a delightful experience. Kids will also have their share of fun. with a chance to meet Santa for a memorable photo opportunity. The highlight of the event is the enchanting Christmas Street Parade, promising joy to all. Dont miss this unforgettable night, marking the start of your Christmas celebrations.

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National Breast Cancer Foundation

PROFESSIONALS REACHES $4M FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH In our almost 18 years of partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We are delighted to have reached over $4,000,000 in donations to NBCF. Professionals Real Estate raises funds through several key events throughout the year, including our NBCF Gala Dinner. This is in addition to a portion of every property sale donated to NBCF.

  • www.breastcancer.org
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Giddy Up Sandgate - Bayside

Join us as the Sandgate Bayside area goes country for a whole weekend. Celebrating everything country, Giddy Up will see local venues hosting country music acts, country-themed food and other specials.

  • www.sandgatebayside.com.au
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Photo Booth

Once upon a time, in the quaint town of Sandgate, two eccentric inventors, Darren and Chad, had a brilliant idea to bring the community joy. They decided to create a photo booth to offer as a free service during various events around town. The photo booth became the highlight of the celebration. Families gathered around, laughing and striking funny poses while the booths enchanting camera captures moments of sheer happiness. Children adore the booth as it seems to have a way of making them laugh and have fun.

  • www.photofun.com
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